Ram Dass shines a light on attachment, psychedelic drugs, out-of-body experiences, the ’60s revolution and more.

A local devotional singer and her yogi parents are raising consciousness and making miracles happen. GT’s Damon Orion illuminates their spirited tale with exclusive interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Ram Dass and The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir.

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  • Science and Synchronicity

Can quantum physics help explain eerie coincidences?

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Meet Rob Brezsny, contemporary literature’s Sage against the Machine.

  • The Man, the Myth

A Talk with Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey

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Krishna Das lets his soft white underbelly show

  • Special Delivery (cover story for High Times Medical Marijuana)

With the federal government continuing to target storefront cannabis dispensaries, some of the country’s top medical marijuana can now arrive directly at your doorstep

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How mindfulness practice has made me a happier person

A community of local visionary artists is making higher consciousness visible

The cryptic-looking temple on Fair Avenue has mystified Santa Cruz residents for decades. Believe it or not, it’s even stranger than it looks.

Long before Umi was a Zen master in the Santa Cruz Mountains, he was a seafaring rock radio pioneer who riled the establishment and ushered in the British Invasion. In this spirited interview, he shares tales of his colorful journey and sheds light on the nature of Zen.

Psychedelic visionary David Jay Brown has peered deeply into the nature of human awareness, bonded with the greatest thinkers of our time and explored the outer limits of philosophy, science, spirituality and parapsychology. In this mind-expanding interview, he shares tales from his journeys to the fringes of consciousness.

How gonzo journalist Rak Razam met his maker in the Peruvian Amazon—and lived to tell about it.

A talk with Rak Razam

Damon Orion interviews Rak Razam, experiential journalist and the writer-producer of the critically acclaimed shamanic documentary Aya: Awakenings

Celebrating the lysergic legacy of Dr. Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD

A look inside the local nonprofit that has set out to prove psychedelic drugs like ecstasy and LSD can help restore mental health. Do the benefits outweigh the dangers?

Quirky new downtown shop dispenses natural highs

Why are we so fascinated with the end of the world? 

  • Who Let the Gods Out?

Transforming sexual desire from the profane to the sacred

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A Wiccan High Priest performs a tarot reading for the horror punk/psychobilly band Stellar Corpses.

Looking for musical inspiration? Try sleeping on it.

Comedian Myq Kaplan on the benefits of ayahuasca

The final weeks of 2012 bring us the release of The Hobbit, the end of the Mayan calendar and the world’s first post-apocalyptic winter holiday. What do all these things have in common?

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